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Le Village - La Note's Network

Since 1997 La Note has serviced the Berkeley community and is thankful for all of the people and companies that have been here for us. Whether it be our in-house, hard-working students, who work while completing their schooling and launching into their careers, or the local artisans whose talents and marks lay in so many subtle details that contribute to making La Note the special place it is today.

As a thank you to all of them, I would like to acknowledge these efforts and give something back by promoting their unique talents and trades, with the hope that you may appreciate them as well.

Thank you,

Noel Mitrani 
- my brother, Film Maker 

Max Jacobson 
- my first Architecture teacher (1987), and great inspirational force throughout my schooling and design career 

Nicole Hummer 
- La Note potter since 1997 

Jona Frank 
- professional L.A. based photographer, closest friend, and avid patron 

Jessica Carla 
- Capoeira Guru 
- Server at La Note from 1997 - 2002 

Miriam Bemoussat Bendimerad 
- avid patron, excellent link to the local European community, and owner of Argania salon and spa in Berkeley 

Kathleen Grace 
- Professional Jazz singer 
- Assistant Manager and Barista at La Note from 1999 - 2002 

Jill Mccoy 
- Jill is a dear friend and a cherished patron. Great design is more than life style! 

JT Liautaud 
- Web Developer and Systems Consultant

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