On revoking our 20% surcharge

Dear patrons,

Back in 2017 we experimented with including an automatic service charge in efforts to allocate fair wages to the front and the back of the house.

While it did improve our employee morale, especially in the back of the house, we heard from you, our patrons, and have decided to give you back the power to tip based upon your service experience.

However, we are still unable, by federal law, to distribute voluntary tips to our staff in the kitchen and yet we believe that they should continue to experience the benefits of our busy days.

Therefore, going forward we will only be including a 3% living wage surcharge, to be distributed solely amongst our untipped staff (as reflected on your bill). A 20% service charge will still be applied to parties of 8 or more.

Please be sure to compensate your server in the traditional manner with a 15%-20% tip for their expected good service.

Thank you for your understanding and most of all your continued patronage!

La Note