Let’s Eat Out: Bring France Here ~ December 2000

Dorothee Mitrani-Bell, the owner of La Note, a French bistro in Berkeley, makes an accurate observation. She 0 concedes that there are many great restaurants in the Bay Area. Chez Panisse, Postrio, and Acqua. On the other end, hundreds of restaurants exist where you can buy fresh quesadillas, wontons, falafel, pizza, or other satisfying meals for less than $10. She notes that there are far fewer establishments in between. This observation seems particularly relevant to parents because, for the most part, they cannot afford the high end restaurants, yet they can definitely use an alternative to burgers, pizza, and burritos. La Note is Mitrani-Bell’s answer to a prolonged personal dilemma. She moved to Berkeley from France to attend UC Berkeley, where she earned a BA in Architecture eight years ago. From that point on she pondered moving back to France, but a real attraction to the life in Northern California kept her here. She acted upon the urge to do something to ease her homesickness. If she could not return to her homeland (she now was married and had a child), she would bring a piece of her beloved Southern France back. She designed a restaurant that would capture the simple and colorful Provencal decor and the hearty aromatic and fresh flavors of that cuisine..... The savory fresh food, relaxed atmosphere, and reasonable prices at La Note make it a must for restaurant bound parents... La Note works for everyone.

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