La Note offers touch of South of France ~ January 9, 1998

Sunlight streams through the windows onto our table. We sip from large bowls of cafe cremes and take bites from our omelette au fromage. We notice the lavender. A french tune plays in the background. South of France, you say. No, Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley. Once you step into La Note, the new Provencal restaurant in Berkeley, you are whisked into the atmosphere of a French cafe.... here and there you notice the touches that set the French mood - the pretty Provencal pillows, the bouquet of lavender, bold postcards of France. Even the bathroom, which has a window facing a brick wall, has been painted with the rooftops of a hilltop town invoking the countryside behind Nice and Cannes. The restaurant makes a fine setting for whiling away a Sunday brunch. The French bistro food provides a glimpse of Provencal cooking that is as warm and bright as Van Gogh’s sunflowers.

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