Gift Certificates

Order Online and Pay with Paypal

Download a Gift Certificate Order Form Pay for a Gift Certificate in PayPal

Please download the order form above, open it in Adobe Reader, and submit it via email to

Once you have submitted the form, you will also need to pay for the gift certificate. The fastest way to do so is to use the PayPal button above. Just enter the gift certificate amount on the left and follow the directions on the right to pay.

Purchase at the Restaurant

You may also purchase a gift certificate at the restaurant during regular hours.

Purchase by Phone or Fax

If you live out of town and would prefer not to use the online option above, you can order a gift certificate by giving use a call at (510) 843-1535. You can also print out the Gift Certificate Order Form PDF above and fax it with your credit card information to (510) 843-1517.

Regardless of which method you use, we will need your full name and address, along with the name of the person you would like the certificate made out to and their address.